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Goodness Me Waterloo Fall Seminars


Seminar: A Guide to Your Gut
Date & Time: Wednesday September 13th, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Gas? Bloating? Constipation? If your gut is giving you grief, join Dr. Samina Mitha, ND and learn some tips to begin healing your gut using nutritional strategies and natural health products. She will go over various topics such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Diarrhea, the truth behind probiotics, and more! Walk away feeling like you can really trust your gut!

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Seminar: Calming Kids: Help From Hyper
Date & Time: Monday September 18th, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Do you need to bring some peace and focus into your home and child’s classroom? Come and hear Sandra Cross (nutritionist, reflexologist, BIE practitioner) share her experience on how to make safe and effective changes that will benefit you and your child.

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Seminar: If I’m doing everything right, why do I feel so wrong?
Date & Time: Monday October 2nd, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Are you living a fairly healthy life, yet you are just not feeling as well as you should be? Come and hear Sandra Cross (nutritionist, reflexologist, BIE practitioner) as she shares her out-of-the-box view of some hidden triggers that could be a factor in your health complaints.

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Seminar: Boost Your Immune System Naturally
Date & Time: Wednesday October 25th, 6:30pm-8:00pm

It’s time to start winterizing your immune system! Learn how to prevent and treat colds and the flu while boosting your immune system naturally. Dr. Samina, ND will be discussing everything from emergency warning signs and immune-boosting foods, to helpful supplements and protocols.

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Sage’s POP UP Market18882189_1412823802089039_6868573749536691591_n

When: June 23rd, 6-8 pm
Where: Our Clinic! 585 Queen St. South, Unit 101, Kitchener, ON.



In Running Colour 

In Running Colour - 29 may - Run with us - join our team (1) (3)

When: Saturday May 27th
Time: 10:00am
Join Sage Naturopathic Clinic as we run in support of Special Olympics Ontario! For more information and to register for the race click here



Goodness Me Waterloo Seminars


Seminar: Body Pains & Tummy Troubles?
Date & Time: Monday August 14th, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick or tired? Tired of feeling unwell, but you can’t find the root cause? Or is relief not what it should be? Then this talk is for you!
Come join Sandra Cross, RNCP to learn all about factors that can be making you feel unwell. She will be discussing allergies, sensitivities, stressors, and triggers that can affect all areas of your health–from illness, intolerance, to mental/emotional/physical balance. She will also be educating you on how to make change and what options are available. It is all a matter of balance!
Come out and learn!

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Seminar: Let’s Get Juicy!
Date & Time: Wednesday July 12th, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Blending and juicing are two trendy culinary techniques that dramatically increase your nutrient intake resulting in renewed energy, better liver function and detoxification, more efficient digestion, and weight management. But which one can give you better results, blending or juicing? Join Marianna Duba, Registered Nutritionist from Sage Naturopathic Clinic, to find out the differences and benefits as well as get an overview of the various types of juicers and blenders.

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Seminar: Find Your Beach Body!
Date & Time: Thursday June 1st, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Are you struggling to meet your summer weight loss and fitness goals? Are you struggling to get out of bed in the morning and tired all day? Is the stress in your life over the top? Join Dr. Alaina Gair, ND to learn how your thyroid and adrenals can prevent you from losing weight.

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Seminar: Happy & Healthy Hormones
Date & Time: Thursday May 4th, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Come and join Dr. Samina Mitha, ND as she walks you through how your hormones can affect weight, stress, anxiety, PMS, and cycle irregularities throughout all stages of a women’s life. Walk away with some natural strategies to help balance your hormones on a busy schedule. Dr. Samina, ND will provide diet, lifestyle, and supplement education that you can start today!

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Seminar: Fermentation: Bring Your Food To Life!
Date: March 6th, 2017

What’s the buzz about this ancient method of food preservation? Fermented foods are loaded with beneficial microbes which boost your overall immunity, improve your digestion, enhance detoxification, and support brain health and many other body functions. Are you curious about the technique and the types of food used for fermentation? Marianna Duba, registered nutritionist will teach you how to prepare sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables, kefir, and yogurt in your own kitchen.

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Seminar: Building your Fertility Food plate
Date: March 25, 2017

Set yourself up for success with this informative seminar on the best fertility boosting foods. Dr. Samina Mitha, ND will also share her personal and professional experience on diet, lifestyle, and nutritional therapies that can help you conceive.

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Seminar: Strategies to Reduce Your Overall Cancer Risk
Date: February 1st, 2017

Join Naturopathic Doctor Alaina Gair to learn about risk factors for cancer and strategies to reduce your overall risk. This will include a discussion about lifestyle factors, nutrition, and supplements to reduce your risk.

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Seminar:  Got the Sniffles? Learn how to boost your immune system naturally.
Date: January 12, 2017

Sick and tired of getting sick and tired? Join Dr. Deanna Walker, ND to learn about natural strategies to boost your immune function and prevent and treat colds and the flu naturally.

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Yoga For Stress

Where: The Kitchener Market
Date & Time: Tuesdays at 7pm from February 21st-March 28th

This yoga class is for all skill and mobility levels. Each class includes a breathing exercise, yoga practice and meditation and focuses on body awareness. These practices help us to soothe the nervous system to increase relaxation and improve sleep while reducing muscular tension. Its suggested students bring their own mat, water bottle and wear comfortable clothes.


Sage’s Open House

Where: Our clinic! 585 Queen Street S, Kitchener. Unit 101
Date & Time: Wednesday, March 8 at 6 PM – 9 PM

Come and join us for our annual open house! Meet our practitioners and enjoy a short talk on Stepping into Spring with our newest Naturopathic Doctor – Dr. Samina Mitha, ND


Fertility Support Group by Fertility Matters Canada

Where: Our clinic! 585 Queen Street S, Kitchener. Unit 101
Date & Time: March 15, 2017 at 7 PM – 8 PM

The Kitchener/Waterloo support group is created to assist individuals and couples, who are struggling to have a family. This group is professionally led by Dr. Samina Mitha, ND who is a Naturopathic Doctor.

This group will provide you with the knowledge and resources to get through the feelings of frustration and isolation that comes with infertility. The meetings aim to provide an open space where members can share their stories and feelings in a non-judgmental, safe and supportive environment. The support group will meet once a month at the Sage Naturopathic Clinic in Kitchener.
If you have any questions feel free to contact


Detoxify and Balance: Naturopathic Medicine and Essential Oils for Thyroid and Adrenal Support

Where: Our clinic! 585 Queen Street S, Kitchener. Unit 101
Date & Time: February 22, 2017 at 6 PM – 8 PM

Come out and meet Dr. Alaina Gair, ND and Whitney Lord. Dr. Alaina will discuss her approaches for supporting thyroid and adrenal health and how it impacts weight, energy and brain fog. Whitney Lord will discuss how essential oils can be used (diffused, topical or ingested?) to support these glands and will teach you how to use them safely.

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Thursday February 23rd: How to Beat the Winter Blues and get ready for Spring with Dr. Samina Mitha, ND

Thursday March 30th: Fermentation: Bring Your Food To Life with Marianna Duba, RNCP
Friday April 28th: How to Improve Energy at Work with Dr. Deanna Walker, ND
Thursday June 1st: Spring Cleaning- Time to Detox with Dr. Alaina Gair, ND
Thursday June 22nd: Lets get Juicy with Marianna Duba, RNCP
Thursday September 28th: Food Intolerances and Gut Health with Dr. Rahima Hirji, ND
Thursday October 19th: Stress Management through Yoga and Massage with Megan Prenty, RMT
Thursday November 30th: Health for the Holidays with Dr. Alaina Gair, ND
Thursday December 21st: Healthy Nutrition on a Budget with Marianna Duba, RNCP


Total Woman Show at Bingeman’s

Date: Saturday February 4th and Sunday February 5th
Time: 10am-5pm

It’s that time of year again! Come and see us at the Total Woman Show!  We will have seminars, giveaways, a grand prize, show specials and much more.

Wedding Trends Bridal Show at Bingeman’s

Date: Saturday January 7th and Sunday January 8th
Time: 10am-5pm