Crystal Sivill, RMT

RMT, R. Ac, MLDT, Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling, Kundalini yoga

Crystal has over 14 years clinical experience seeing over 15,000 clients of various health levels, ages,
and conditions or concerns. She has passionately and voraciously studied modern and ancient,
eastern and western medicine. She is a dynamic therapist with many accomplishments and

  • 2006: Registered Massage therapist with CMTO
  • 2007: Acupuncturist
  • 2008: Certified lifestyle coach, PEMF provider and certified BIM tester
  • 2010: Fully certified in manual lymph drainage by Vodder
  • 2014: Certified KYI Kundalini yoga teacher/instructor
  • Registered in acupuncture and cupping in 2017 with CTCMPAO ;
  • 2018: Received Diploma as Transpersonal Counseling
  • 2017-2018: Certified orthopedic massage and Management of lower and upper body nerve
    crush release therapy
  • Currently working on a diploma in Matrix Repatterning 2020.

Her goal is to be one of your best resources and destinations as a therapist, and/or whole health wellness coach. She advocates and aims to inspire you to choose a fulfilling life of self discovery Whether you are in pain, need to rehabilitate, stressed, injured or tired, there are great options for you. Crystal will take a thorough health history, do accurate assessments of your health, soft tissues and joints, to facilitate effective treatment outcomes and/or a plan specific to your situation and provide tailored home care options/solutions to suit your lifestyle. She offers a manifold of dynamic
treatments, therapy choices, and resources that are sure to support or increase the quality of your life.

Some of Crystals interest & hobbies are psychology, science, yoga/meditation, creativity, nutrition, fitness, energy/sound medicine, travel, singing, dancing, nature activities, eco-friendly living, cooking and reading.

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