Detoxification Program

Location: Kitchener

Looking for a food-based detoxification program that will leave you looking and feeling better? Check out our Invigorate Detox Program!

Initial Consultation: Detoxification – a staple of a healthy lifestyle

The first appointment focuses on the basic plan of detoxification. Marianna will explain the diet and lifestyle factors that counteract the body’s natural cleansing processes and result in toxin accumulation, accompanied by a spectrum of physical and psychological symptoms. The client’s personalized detoxification program will be discussed and detailed information will be provided on:

  • list of foods to eliminate during detox
  • list of vibrant nutrient-rich foods that boost liver function and overall detoxification
  • a sample 3-day detox menu plan
  • detox recipes for designing individual daily meal plans
  • lifestyle suggestions that support the body’s detoxification processes (detox bath, dry-skin brushing, sauna, exercise, rest) and will help regaining the lost energy!

Follow up Consultation: Nutrition for life – rediscover your most vibrant self!

The second meeting’s goal is to provide information on nutrient-rich food selection and meal preparation for maintaining an everyday active lifestyle. Marianna will explain the means of supporting healthy liver function and detoxification on a daily basis. This session’s handout will include:

  • instructions for breaking the detox diet
  • meal planning for lasting weight control
  • eating healthy without reaching deep into your pocket!

Service Provider

Marianna Duba, M.Sc., RNCP

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified GAPS Practitioner

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