Corporate Wellness Plans

Corporate Wellness Plans

The health of your employees matters. Research shows that comprehensive wellness programs result in decreased absenteeism, improved employee retention and workplace satisfaction, and reduced drug & benefit costs.At Sage Naturopathic Clinic We’ve been working with businesses for over a decade. Whatever your company needs, we’ve got you covered.

Corporate Wellness Plans

We have a variety of options available and can offer as much or as little as you think appropriate. We offer a lecture series that can be booked as a series or as a session at a time. We can also offer individual sessions where we work with each employee to address their unique health challenges. Below is a list of some of the options available:

Sage Lecture Series

Sage Lecture Series:

We offer a wide variety of “Lunch and Learn” type seminars that cover a variety of different health related topics. Topics can also be customised to your needs/interests. They can be offered weekly/monthly as a “Wellness Wednesday” type of series or you can pick and choose the ones that are best suited to your employees. Along with the lecture, we also provide blog posts and recipes that can be shared with the employees. Lectures can be offered in-person or virtually.

Sage’s Stress Program/Workshop

Sage’s Stress Program/Workshop:

This can be delivered in 3-1 hour sessions over 3 weeks or it can be delivered during a 2-hr workshop. We will provide an overview of what stress is, the effects of stress and how you can support your body through nutrition, lifestyle changes and supplementation to improve your ability to cope with stress. In the workshop component, we go through breathing exercises, meditation resources, proper ergonomics and stretching exercises.

Healthy Eating Series

Healthy Eating Series:

A four session program focusing on healthy food selection and preparation. The series will focus on energising breakfasts to start the day, affordable and healthy entrée ideas, nourishing side dishes and simple and sweet desserts that are also nutritious. See attached for more details.

Onsite Sessions

Onsite Sessions:

These sessions can be booked individually at the employee’s discretion with our practitioners. These sessions can be arranged to take place on-site and would be billed individually and be eligible for insurance coverage. We also offer direct billing where applicable.

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