Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

-World Health Organization, 1948

In today’s busy world with deadlines and endless tasks to complete, it can be difficult to find time for yourself. Taking a moment to focus on your health – mental, physical or emotional – can seem impossible. At Sage, we’re here to help.

We take time to listen to our patients and answer all their questions. We understand all the factors that affect health and we teach our patients about all the factors as well. Good medicine requires that we educate our patients so that they are better able to understand their bodies and what they can do to feel better. Naturopathic treatment is not a one-time renewable prescription. It is an on-going quest to feel better than you ever thought possible. We work closely with our patients to figure out the root of the problem and then we treat the root rather than the symptoms. At our clinic, patients are our partners. We work closely together to get you better and stay better.

If this sounds like the kind of medicine you have been looking for, then let us know. If you want more information, contact us anytime or book a complementary 15-minute visit to learn more.

Meet our team

about_rahimaDr. Rahima Hirji, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Rahima is a Naturopathic Doctor and the founder of Sage Naturopathic Clinic. She incorporates a range of therapies to best address individual health concerns, including nutrition, acupuncture, supplements, homeopathy, botanical medicine, and traditional chinese herbal medicine. She also uses a wide variety of diagnostic tools and tests such as food sensitivity testing, salivary hormone testing, urine analysis, blood work, and specialized bowel function tests to help diagnose and tailor treatment plans for a variety of health conditions.

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Dr. Deanna Walker, ND (currently on maternity leave-returning February 2018)
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Deanna is a Naturopathic Doctor and Co-owner at Sage Naturopathic Clinic. She takes great pride in inspiring and motivating others to achieve their health goals. She is well versed in treating various ailments, but specializes in women’s health including hormone imbalances, menopause and fertility. Pain management, mood disorders, digestive concerns and weight management are also areas of focus for her. She has had success treating patients with fatigue, stress, irregular periods, hot flashes, PMS, back pain, anxiety, depression, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, IBD and obesity. She is proficient in acupuncture, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition and lifestyle counselling.

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Sandra Cross, R.H.N., R.N.C.P., R.O.H.P.
Intolerance Testing, Reflexology

Sandra was born and raised in the KW area. Her real journey began after having two children who had many health issues. She found life very challenging, and even had to
quit her job to focus on caring for her children. A normal day usually meant cooking 2-3 different lunches and dinners…if one child could eat it, it usually meant that the other child could not! In 2006, after two very difficult years, Sandra knew that there had to be something out there to help her kids, and she was willing to try anything! Lucky for her, she met a lady who specialized in intolerances.

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about_mariannaMarianna Duba, M.Sc.
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Marianna is a multilingual holistic nutritionist (English, Hungarian, Slovak) offering nutritional consultations for individuals and families as well as corporate wellness lectures and workshops about a variety of nutrition-related topics. Prior to her interest in natural nutrition, she worked in the field of Molecular Biology. She earned her Master of Science degree in Biochemistry from Queen’s University in Kingston. Her interest in the holistic field developed while working in mainstream pharmacy where she experienced the lack of nutritional and lifestyle changes as part of a comprehensive healing program.

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Megan Prenty, Registered Massage Therapist (CAND.)
Registered Massage Therapy

Megan is a Registered Massage Therapist and a 200 Hour Hatha Yoga teacher. Her passion for whole body health has been lifelong, but began professionally in 2007 when she became a certified 800 hour Bodyworker giving massages in a variety of wellness settings in Vancouver. In 2011, after over a decade of committed yoga practice, Megan became a certified 200 Hour Hatha Yoga teacher.

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Tess Watson
Office Manager

Tess Watson has over 8 years of experience in customer service and office administration. She strives to always provide an exceptional experience for all patients from the moment they step through the door to the moment they leave and beyond.

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Dr. Alaina Gair, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Alaina Gair is a board certified and licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Kitchener, Ontario. Alaina grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia and completed a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience at Dalhousie University in 2006. Traveling throughout Europe and South East Asia, she became increasingly passionate about the importance of patient-centered systems and natural approaches to healthcare.

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Lee Horton-Carter, MA, RP
Individual, Couple and Family Therapist    

Lee Horton-Carter is a psychotherapist who has been in private practice for 23 years helping people to heal around issues related to childhood physical abuse and sexual trauma, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and PTSD.

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Profile picture-Samina

Dr. Samina Mitha, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Samina Mitha is passionate about helping patients restore their clarity, confidence and control so that they can take back their health and start feeling good! Through her previous work for an online health company called Everyday Health in New York City, Samina realized her true passion of helping people achieve their optimal health potential.  Having been diagnosed with PCOS, Samina has a personal connection with women who experience hormonal imbalances.

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Laura Dziuba, MSW, RSW
Registered Social Worker

Laura is a Registered Social Worker in good standing with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Services Workers and the Ontario Association of Social Workers.  She earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Guelph and her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Toronto with a specialization in mental health and a collaborative program in addiction studies.

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 Cassandra Nagal, Registered Massage Therapist
Registered Massage Therapy & Reiki

Cassandra is respected in the field of wellness and holistic health by her peers and clients; maintaining a successful professional practice as a Registered Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner. Cassandra’s understanding of the connection between the physical, energetic and emotional stressors and one’s health/wellbeing has allowed her to assist individuals through a more holistic approach to client care.

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Raluca bio picture (2) Raluca Tutulan, M.Sc, D.H.M.H.S
Registered Homeopath

Raluca is a registered homeopath practicing in Kitchener, Ontario. She is passionate about helping people restore their health and achieve optimal wellness.  Having experienced first-hand the healing capabilities that homeopathy can have on mental, emotional and physical health, she aims to help her patients achieve a high-level of well-being.

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