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How to get Radiant Skin from the Inside Out

We have all been there…waking up, walking to the bathroom, turning on the lights, opening our eyes and looking in the mirror to find a big red zit. It isn’t fun…it makes us feel horrible, ugly and frustrated. Our first thought is, “how am I going to cover this up?” Make up may do the trick but when it is a constant battle between our face and appearance it can get old.

When I was younger I battled with acne. It was something I was so ashamed of having. My skin constantly was breaking out. I always assumed people were looking at my face and judging my appearance. I used heavy-duty liquid foundation make up for years to cover it all up. It was only until my university years that I discovered with a Naturopathic Doctor, that my hormones and diet were the cause of my unappealing skin. I worked hard to change my lifestyle around and since then my skin has been incredibly healthy!

Don’t get me wrong, till this day I will still get the odd break out. But I have some key insights to share with you so that your skin does not have to suffer any longer and you can get the confidence you deserve to look your best!

  1. Holy Hormones

Have you noticed that your breakouts are correlated with before your period or around ovulation? Are the problem spots around your chin? This could be an indication that there is some kind of hormonal imbalance. Hormonal acne tends to be more deep, cystic, tender and likely to leave a scar in its tracks after trying to pop it. This type of acne is likely to do better or get worse with the use of the birth control pill.

So what can you do? Well, higher amounts of “bad” estrogen in the body could be the result of hormonal acne. best way to deal with this is to get your hormones tested through a saliva test to see what hormone imbalances you have and then correct it with diet, lifestyle, herbs and supplements.

  1. Forehead Fiasco

Breakouts on your forehead are a direct indication that there is a dietary link to your acne. If you have an intolerance to certain foods then you may notice that when you consume them your forehead isn’t happy the next morning. The most common food intolerances are gluten and dairy. Completing an elimination diet for a month or getting a lab test to determine if you have a sensitivity to the foods you are eating is the first step to healthier skin!

  1. Tricky Thyroid

Are you someone who constantly feels like you are applying body lotion to keep your skin moist? You are not alone! Dry hair, skin and brittle nails can be an indication that your thyroid is under active. If this sounds like you, the first thing you should do is get a blood test to determine if there is something going on. The first lab tests you should consider testing are Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), T3 and T4.

Being tried and frustrated about the health of your skin doesn’t need to be your normal routine. Working with Samina at our clinic you can start to discover what are the exact triggers of your skin and discover ways to get glowing and radiant skin again!

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