10 facts you may not know about holistic nutritionists

By Marianna Duba, M.Sc., RHN

In our modern society, more and more people realize that something is wrong with our nutrition and general lifestyle. The obesity rate has reached epidemic proportions. Statistics confirm that the occurrence of chronic degenerative diseases is on steady climb. How can this happen with the continuous progress and development in our medical field and pharmaceutical industry? Why is the number of children diagnosed with autism, ADHD, allergy and food sensitivities constantly increasing?

There is a vast amount of knowledge available on healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise and weight loss with facts often contradicting each other. How can an individual make sense of all this information overload and find what it is that suits him/her the best? If you are looking for an answer and are curious about the services of a holistic nutritionist, here are some facts that briefly summarize what we do, what we believe in, and how we can help you.

  1. Our main goal is to educate clients on the principles of a healthy lifestyle and to encourage them to become pro-active and rebuild their wellness.
  2. As holistic nutritionists, we look at the body as a whole, in which the individual organs and body systems work in harmony. As soon as one of them is out of balance, the whole body cannot function at its full potential.
  3. We believe a person’s overall well-being is determined by not only the physical body, but also its union with the mind and spirit. Therefore we advise not only on diet, but also on some other aspects of your lifestyle.
  4. We consider a whole food diet, free of artificial additives, preservatives, GMO and hard to pronounce ingredients, as the most appropriate fuel for our body.
  5. The main focus of a holistic nutritionist is digestion! You can eat the most nutritious food and still suffer from malabsorption if your body cannot absorb and utilize the nutrients it requires. In addition, a healthy diet affects not only your energy and stamina, but your mood as well!
  6. As holistic nutritionists, we do not diagnose nor use invasive methods of testing. Based on the client’s active participation, we assess biochemical imbalances in the various body systems, which we then address through proper nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes.
  7. Our programs are highly individualized based on our belief that no diet is appropriate for everyone. With keeping your unique biochemistry in mind, we tailor a specific plan for you that is based on your eating and lifestyle habits. This means, that while we focus on the health supporting aspects of your plan (detoxification, food intolerances, acid-alkaline balance, food combining), we also take into consideration your likes and dislikes, daily schedule, stress level, etc.
  8. In addition to advising you on nutrition, we also provide information on where to buy healthy food, how to shop in the modern grocery store and what you should store in your pantry to avoid munching on junk food.
  9. Holistic nutritionists offer one-on-one consultations as well as group seminars and presentations. What can you expect when you book an appointment with us? During the initial session, we discuss your diet and lifestyle habits, the symptoms you are experiencing, and your expectations from us, holistic nutritionists. All this information helps us to prepare your individualized program, which you will be given at our second meeting. This material includes a detailed evaluation of your body system analysis, a sample menu plan, recommendation on supplementation and lifestyle, handouts, articles and a list of books.
  10. It is not easy to implement modifications in your daily routine and it often requires motivation and encouragement. Your follow-up consultations serve to monitor your progress and make the necessary adjustments. In addition, you can contact us via email for further advice, inspiration, and help. In a way, holistic nutritionists serve as your personal coach on your journey to your new lifestyle.

Have we stirred up your curiosity? Do you think you can live a healthier lifestyle? Do you think you can feel fresh every morning and full of energy all through the day? Do you want to find strength for physical activity after a long day in the office? Do you have any lifestyle nuisances that prevent you from living your life to the fullest?  Book your appointment with Marianna and let’s start your transition towards a healthier you!