What is Breast Thermography?

reast Thermography is a well known, safe, radiation and compression-free method of assessing a woman’s risk for breast cancer, offering the earliest possible warning that problems may be developing in her breasts. Thermography, using an infrared camera and high tech computer software, takes images of the temperature and vascular supply in the breasts, based on[...]

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Benefits of Intravenous Therapy

Many Naturopathic Doctors have additional training and are licensed to provide Intravenous or IV therapy. IV therapy refers to the administration of substances directly into the vein. There are many benefits to this type of therapy. For starters, intravenous administration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, homeopathics and plant based nutrients allows for an exact dosage[...]

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Weight Loss – Does one size fit all?

We all know the facts about rising levels of obesity and the general populations’ unhealthy eating habits. So why is it that we aren’t changing our habits and shedding those unwanted pounds? Losing weight is a challenging and frustrating venture that often sets us up for failure. Losing weight isn’t just about cutting back on[...]

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Introducing Homeopathy at SAGE!

The demand for complementary and alternative health services is growing exponentially because people are taking an active role in their health. Alternative medicines are now recognized as a viable and essential component of the health care of Canadians. Homeopathy is a recognized health profession and was recently regulated by the government of Ontario under the[...]

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