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    Coping With a Second Covid-19 Lockdown in the Midst of Winter

    by Jessica del Rosso, Trauma Therapist, MSW, RSW Alongsidetrauma.ca Despite many of us knowing that a second lockdown was coming to Ontario, the emotional toll of walking down empty streets, watching local businesses close and missing those closest to us, is significant. It would be unrealistic and invalidating to believe that the physical and communal risks of Covid-19, do not also impact our mental health and wellbeing. Many of us are struggling with feeling any sense of purpose and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I know that this blog is only scratching the surface of what many are struggling with during this second lockdown. However, I hope it may offer some tools to…

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    Shaking but Safe

          By Jessica del Rosso, MSW, RSW Have you ever felt that moment where your mind is telling you one thing, and your body is telling you another? A situation where your mind may be telling you that you are completely safe, but your body is reacting as if it is in survival mode? This feeling is all too common for those who are survivors and thrivers of trauma. There are these moments where you may speak about something from your past, or something reminds you of your past, crosses your path and your body will begin shaking or you will stutter or you will become short of…

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    Values and Goals

    Jessica del Rosso, MSW, RSW www.alongsidetrauma.ca Values Living a fulfilled life is connected to feeling passionate about what we do in our everyday routine. Those of us who struggle with anxiety may become overwhelmed with to-do lists and feeling that everything needs to be completed within the next few hours. This can lead to us feeling exhausted both mentally and physically and lead us to wondering “Why don’t I feel happy?”. One of the therapeutic tools I love guiding people through is understanding and knowing their values. Focusing on my values has led to me making decisions based on my overall goals and what is important to me, rather than…

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