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    Values and Goals

    Jessica del Rosso, MSW, RSW www.alongsidetrauma.ca Values Living a fulfilled life is connected to feeling passionate about what we do in our everyday routine. Those of us who struggle with anxiety may become overwhelmed with to-do lists and feeling that everything needs to be completed within the next few hours. This can lead to us feeling exhausted both mentally and physically and lead us to wondering “Why don’t I feel happy?”. One of the therapeutic tools I love guiding people through is understanding and knowing their values. Focusing on my values has led to me making decisions based on my overall goals and what is important to me, rather than…

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    The Holidays and Trauma

          Jessica del Rosso, MSW, RSW Trauma Therapist   For survivors of trauma, the holidays rarely bring up the feelings written about on Hallmark cards. Often times, the holiday season brings up feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation or entrapment. This is especially true if the holiday season means feeling forced to be around someone who has caused you harm, triggers you or makes you feel unsafe. Because humans innately desire connection to others, when you feel as though you cannot relate with the TV commercials or mall advertisements, you naturally internalize that. Then, you may begin to feel as though there is something wrong with you. “Why can’t…

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