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Back-to-School – Supplementing for Success

While summer typically involves tons of fun, spontaneity, and adventure, it can also mean a loss of routine, irregular eating, and lots of indulging. Oftentimes returning to school can be a good opportunity to reintroduce some health-supportive habits, or begin incorporating some efforts for the first time. When it comes to supplementation, being selective is […]

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3 Ways to Help Calm Feelings of Overwhelm as a Mama

Have you ever been on the edge, about to break? Maybe dealing with one crying, tired kid while trying to manage a crying, hungry baby then realizing you forgot to switch the laundry & now need to rewash it for the 4th time (this is the WORST). In times like these the overwhelm is real. […]

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Homeopathy for Back to School

    By Raluca Tutulan, Registered Homeopath It’s back to school season! Going back to school is an exciting time but it can also be challenging. It can mean more colds, sniffles, stress and anxiety. But not to worry, there are things that can be done naturally to prepare, through lifestyle, supplements and homeopathy. When […]

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