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    Rest and Digest

              How are you eating your food?   One of the most overlooked components of supporting optimal digestion is the mental-emotional state in which we consume our food. In order for our food to be properly broken down and absorbed, our bodies need to be in what is called the ‘parasympathetic’ nervous system state, otherwise known as our ‘rest-and-digest’ state. This is the state of being in which we experience sensations of feeling calm, grounded, at ease, and focused on what’s in front of us. This contrasts with our ‘sympathetic’ nervous system state, otherwise known as our ‘fight-or-flight’ state. This is the state of being in…

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    A Series on Stress: It’s All in Your Head

      We have discussed several key factors that should be considered when addressing stress and trying to improve its management: diet and sleep are crucial, and supplementation with nutrients and botanicals can offer incredible support. The power of our mind, however, is perhaps the most paramount. There is a fine balance between stressing the importance of diet and lifestyle and harnessing the power of supplementation, while also acknowledging that efforts in these areas will amount to very little if one’s perception and thought pathways are not supportive. At the end of the day, we are always going to have sources of stress in our life. If we can change our…

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    A Series on Stress: Part 3 of 4: “Time to Up the Ante”

    While our diet should always be the starting place for getting the vitamins and minerals we need for our bodily processes to function optimally, supplementation can offer therapeutic benefit above and beyond that which can be achieved with diet alone. Supplementation also serves an important purpose in instances of depletion or chronic stress as a means of replenishment and enhanced support so we may start to feel better faster. When considering supplementation in the case of stress management or adrenal fatigue, it is important to think about basic glandular support. In order for our adrenal glands to function well, the enzymes within require some basic nutrients to operate: Vitamin C:…

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    Top 5 Ways a Naturopathic Doctor Can Help with Infertility

      Infertility can be a hard reality that many patients have to deal with. When we hear something is wrong with our health, our natural inclination in this day and age is to “Google it.” This ultimately can take you down a seriously confusing rabbit hole. There is so much information out there, including many different products, diets, and therapies including many that can help, but others that may not. Online researching can end up leaving you feeling overwhelmed, confused and more anxious. Patients often end up in my office after hearing about naturopathic medicine from a friend, or the couple is looking for more options in terms of what…

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    A Series On Stress: Part 2 of 4 – “Being Busy Is Not A Badge of Honour”

    By Dr. Danielle DeBlock, ND As is the case with the management of any health-related condition, diet and lifestyle are the first stop when considering stress. Before using supplementation, an inventory of what we eat and drink, how we sleep, and how we spend our time should be taken so we can optimize our foundation and avoid Band-Aid solutions. Optimizing our foundation can be particularly challenging in today’s society. It has become normal and even celebrated to have jam-packed schedules and numerous commitments, leaving little room for days without plans or even dinner at a table. We tend to convince ourselves that our busy-ness is unavoidable and just a reality…

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    Vegetarianism 101: Where do you get your B-12?

    By Raluca Tutulan, Registered Homeopath Over the past few weeks we talked about being mindful of protein and essential fatty acid intake. Today we are going to talk about vitamin B-12 , which is a vitamin to keep in mind when switching to a plant-based diet, since it is found mostly from animal-derived products. Vitamin B-12 is a water-soluble vitamin that contributes to the production of red blood cells, nerve function, cell metabolism and the production of DNA. A deficiency in vitamin B-12 can lead to anemia and neurological concerns and may present as: fatigue, sensations of pins and needles, mobility issues, dizziness, vision problems and mood changes. Deficiencies may be caused…

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    Vegetarianism 101: Tips for Success

        By Raluca Tutulan, Registered Homeopath In the last few posts on transitioning to a vegetarian diet  we talked about how to get enough protein  and where to get your essential fatty acids . Today we are going to talk about a few tips for success in eating a balanced vegetarian diet. Plan your meals Include umami flavours in your diet Substitute your favourite dishes Tip 1: Plan your meals: You won’t have to do this forever, but you are changing your lifestyle and chances are, your meals are going to be a little different than they were before. If you are used to eating meat with a side…

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    By Marianna Duba Registered Nutritionist, Certified Gaps Practitioner Spring is finally here! We can feel the warmth of the sunshine, the snow rapidly melts away, the days are longer and yet, many of us cannot enjoy these early signs of spring. The short and cold winter days took their toll on our general well being. We feel heavy, fatigued and our driving force is gone. Sounds all too familiar? There’s help. Tips for resetting your diet and getting your vitality back! Our bodies are in tune with the change of seasons, so naturally we will start to crave of the starchy foods, warm stews and hearty soups which are so…

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    Nutritional Makeover Plan

    Nutritional Makeover Plan – with Marianna Duba and Sandra Cross   Have you ever wondered what it would take to look and feel great? Would you like to improve your digestion, solve your sleep issues, manage your weight and increase your energy but do not know where to start? To meet your needs, we are introducing the Nutritional Makeover Plan for $299 + HST offered by registered nutritionists Marianna Duba and Sandra Cross. Our integrative package includes: appointment: Intolerance testing/ Biofeedback analysis – this visit will give you a variety of answers about your health and what is impacting it. It is a detailed look at all internal and external…

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    Limited offer- Invigorate Detox Program by Marianna Duba

    Marianna’s Detox Program is offered at a special price $99 (regular $150) until Feb. 29, 2016. The beginning of the year is great time to support our body’s cleansing processes. Many of us will feel the holiday season’s ‘after-effects’: fatigue, weight gain, bloating, mood changes, lack of motivation and overall concentration. A detoxification program can help you to overcome these symptoms. More information is provided here: Detox program info. Book your appointment with Marianna and re-discover your energy!  

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