What is IV Therapy

IV Therapy Q & A


What is IV therapy?

IV, or intravenous therapy is putting a solution directly into your blood, in this case vitamins and minerals.

Who should take vitamins and minerals IV?

The answer is simple: anyone.

IV vitamins and minerals give your cells a boost to start working better instantly. People with chronic disease and long-term symptoms have the most to gain, as their cells need the most help to move towards healing.

How does it work?

For our bodies to be healthy, our cells need to be healthy too.

Your cells normally absorb vitamins and minerals from your food in your intestines. However, when your cells are unhealthy, they do not do this effectively.

With IV therapy, we are helping the cell get the nutrients it needs for optimal health.

Why not just take vitamins by mouth?

The cells of the stomach and intestine have a fixed capacity for absorbing vitamins and minerals.

IV therapy bypasses the stomach and allows for a large increase in concentration in the blood. These nutrients are then presented to every cell in the body, instantly.

IVs give us a way to boost the healing process much more quickly than with oral supplements.

Does IV therapy hurt?

In our officem we use a “needle-less” or catheter system. A very small needle is used to start the IV and then it’s removed, leaving a soft, flexible tube in its place.

Our patients get to sit and relax for 20-60 minutes as they receive the solution safely and painlessly.

What does IV Therapy treat?

Naturopathic IV treatments can be used to treat a variety of conditions including:

Chronic fatigue
Parkinson’s disease
Sleep disorders
Decreased immunity or infection


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