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    Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergy Relief

    Spring brings warmth, renewed growth, and unfortunately for many seasonal allergies.  About twenty to thirty percent of Canadians suffer from allergies with symptoms arising as early as March for those allergic to pollen. While most suffer from runny nose and sneezing, some of us may also experience itchy eyes, sore throat and even low energy.  Symptoms may be so bad that some confuse allergies with a head cold. As with all that ails us, Traditional Chinese Medicine views allergies as a sign of imbalance within the body. If you suffer from allergies the symptoms experienced will vary based on your individual constitution, as well as any underlying blockages, deficiencies or excesses…

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    Struggling with Sleep? Treating Insomnia with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

    By Jeanette Turnbull, R. Ac Insomnia is a common affliction causing one third of people to lose sleep. Ten to fifteen percent of those affected experience insomnia that is extreme enough to impact daily life. Sleep affects all major systems of the body and in turn how the body systems are functioning affects sleep. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pays very close attention to how the body works as a whole to gain greater insight into the underlying cause of insomnia.  Insomnia comes in many forms including difficulty falling asleep, inability to stay asleep, waking up too early or sleep that is not restful. Insomnia may be a temporary issue created…

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    Top 5 Ways a Naturopathic Doctor Can Help with Infertility

      Infertility can be a hard reality that many patients have to deal with. When we hear something is wrong with our health, our natural inclination in this day and age is to “Google it.” This ultimately can take you down a seriously confusing rabbit hole. There is so much information out there, including many different products, diets, and therapies including many that can help, but others that may not. Online researching can end up leaving you feeling overwhelmed, confused and more anxious. Patients often end up in my office after hearing about naturopathic medicine from a friend, or the couple is looking for more options in terms of what…

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