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    Rest and Digest

              How are you eating your food?   One of the most overlooked components of supporting optimal digestion is the mental-emotional state in which we consume our food. In order for our food to be properly broken down and absorbed, our bodies need to be in what is called the ‘parasympathetic’ nervous system state, otherwise known as our ‘rest-and-digest’ state. This is the state of being in which we experience sensations of feeling calm, grounded, at ease, and focused on what’s in front of us. This contrasts with our ‘sympathetic’ nervous system state, otherwise known as our ‘fight-or-flight’ state. This is the state of being in…

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    By Marianna Duba Registered Nutritionist, Certified Gaps Practitioner Spring is finally here! We can feel the warmth of the sunshine, the snow rapidly melts away, the days are longer and yet, many of us cannot enjoy these early signs of spring. The short and cold winter days took their toll on our general well being. We feel heavy, fatigued and our driving force is gone. Sounds all too familiar? There’s help. Tips for resetting your diet and getting your vitality back! Our bodies are in tune with the change of seasons, so naturally we will start to crave of the starchy foods, warm stews and hearty soups which are so…

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    Have you tried cupping therapy?

    Experiencing PAIN? Cupping is NOT just for the Olympic Athletes… it might be for you too! Have you tried cupping before? It is one of my favourite ways to relieve any built up tension in my muscles and relaxes my body! After watching the olympics this year I thought I would spread the word about cupping as it is one of my go to techniques for patients with pain! It can look a little gruesome but people find it feels like a good massage. Don’t fret, the round circle marks you’ve seen on athletes back do not hurt! So what exactly is cupping? It is a non-invasive ancient Chinese Medicine therapy…

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    Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Health in 2016

    Set realistic expectations: Set some realistic expectations for yourself instead of setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. This refers to both your professional and personal life. You are only one person. Start the year off by better prioritizing your tasks and being kind to yourself if things do not get done as planned. Make sleep a priority: Seriously- get your 8 hours in! Sleep should not be considered a “waste of time”. It is essential for your health. Specifically your mood, your energy and your immune system depend on it! Keep in mind that the hours before 12am are where the best quality sleep can be attained. Sleeping-in does…

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    Coping Strategies for dealing with Diabetes

    Diabetes is a chronic disease that arises from the body’s inability to produce or properly use insulin. Insulin is the hormone that we make in order to use sugar as an energy source. When there is not enough insulin, or the cells in the body don’t respond to insulin, the sugar continues to circulate in the bloodstream causing damage to the body’s internal organs. There are three types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes usually affects children or adolescents and it occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin. Type 2 occurs when the pancreas does not produce insulin or when the insulin produced is not used properly by the…

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