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    Limited offer- Invigorate Detox Program by Marianna Duba

    Marianna’s Detox Program is offered at a special price $99 (regular $150) until Feb. 29, 2016. The beginning of the year is great time to support our body’s cleansing processes. Many of us will feel the holiday season’s ‘after-effects’: fatigue, weight gain, bloating, mood changes, lack of motivation and overall concentration. A detoxification program can help you to overcome these symptoms. More information is provided here: Detox program info. Book your appointment with Marianna and re-discover your energy!  

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    Colourful Cleansing Salad

    Colourful Cleansing Salad Our second recipe helps to overcome the feeling of heaviness, bloating and fatigue that many of us experience after the holiday season. With all the parties and family get-togethers, it is very hard to control the type and portion of food we put on our plate. In the New Year, let’s get back on track and be more selective of the food we nourish our body with. This cleansing salad provides the necessary nutrients for supporting your liver, which is responsible for optimal metabolism, fat burning and detoxification. Its high fibre content, when combined with a piece of grilled chicken breast or fish, ensures that you will…

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    Spring Detoxification

    Spring is usually the time when Canadians emerge from their homes and start their annual cleaning. We clear the garden, plant new flowers, repair any damage to our homes and start to reorganize the indoors. It is also a perfect time to detoxify our bodies. Many people ask me why we need to do a detoxification diet or a cleanse. In the past, our bodies were able to manage the toxic load in our systems. Our liver was able to neutralize harmful chemicals and our bowels were able to eliminate them. We are now increasingly bombarded with toxic chemicals. These chemicals can come from workplace exposure, household cleaning agents, air…

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